Request Materials

The Wisconsin IDA Project grants permission for public or non-profit hospitals and health care providers, government agencies, academic institutions, and noncommercial organizations to use, reprint, or reproduce materials created by the Wisconsin IDA Project subject to the following requirements:

  • Wisconsin IDA Project materials must only be used for noncommercial or educational purposes
  • Any use of Wisconsin IDA Project materials properly cites the Wisconsin IDA Project as the creator by using the following attribution statement:  “Used with permission of the Wisconsin IDA Project - © Board of Regents for the University of Wisconsin System”

Permission Requests – All Other Entities or Individuals

Requests to use Wisconsin IDA Project materials that are submitted by entities or individuals or for a purpose not listed above must be approved by the Wisconsin IDA Project. Direct all requests to info [at] wisconsinida [dot] org. The request must identify:

  1. Requester’s name
  2. Name of the organization requester represents
  3. Contact information including email address and telephone number*
  4. Description of the specific materials requested to be used
  5. Intended use of requested materials
  6. Any additional information to help explain the request

Materials may not be used unless and until the requester has received written permission from the Wisconsin IDA Project.

*Your contact information will be used for internal Wisconsin IDA Project purposes only. All contact information is strictly and completely confidential. The Wisconsin IDA Project does not sell or otherwise distribute subscriber information.